Peer Tutoring at Pakeman Primary in London

Coaching for Progress are delighted to have recently worked in Partnership with Pakeman Primary School in London – winners of the National Pupil Premium Awards in 2013.


Pupils were trained in workshops on how to become effective Peer Tutors and they did a fantastic job. We feel confident that under the Leadership of Lynne and Tay the project will become a key part of this innovative school. Headteacher Lynne reported:


The children thoroughly enjoyed the peer tutoring session. They learned to recognise the skills they needed to be effective peer tutors, such as building rapport, active listening and asking effective questions and they were able to get a good understanding of how a session might work using the LEAP model. The resources provided will enable us to continue with the training at school and we are all very much looking forward to putting peer tutoring into practice across the school. A big thank you to Neil for making it so enjoyable and accessible.

All the best, Lynne

Look out for some new exciting developments on our website in the weeks ahead as we start to work in Partnership with Dr Sarah Temple on Emotion Coaching!

Happy 2016