The Peer Tutoring Programme receives high praise from Education Chiefs

Coaching for Progress are delighted to report that the Peer Tutoring Programme has received much praise in the press for their work with pupils.


It’s often said, especially by parents in their 30s and 40s, that teachers seem to be getting younger. And they may have a point when it comes to some Bristol schools, where 11-year-olds are leading the learning as part of a ground-breaking initiative.

High-achieving youngsters have been coaching struggling peers at four primary schools in the city as part of a trial.

The bright pupils have been mentoring children up to two years their junior, aged nine and 10, who have fallen behind in English and maths.

And the Coaching for Progress Peer Tutoring programme, an approach devised by two former head teachers from North Somerset, has come in for praise from education chiefs in the city…


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