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Neil Harris, trainer, facilitator and coach

About Neil Harris

Neil has worked in education for 20 years as a class teacher, deputy head, head teacher, adviser and senior adviser. He specialises in support for vulnerable and disadvantaged learners, effective one to one tuition and peer tutoring. In 2015 he and Judith published the ‘Peer Tutoring Handbook’ through the Choir Press. This book is available at Amazon.

Neil also has wider experience of working with families and communities through his involvement with the national Troubled Families Programme, which looks to provide multi agency support and intervention to families with multiple and complex needs.

He also runs his own training company www.thinkbacklookforward.co.uk and works regularly for South West Councils as a trainer, facilitator and coach across a range of the south west local authorities.

Judith Tolhurst: coach, trainer, writer

About Judith Tolhurst

Judith has been working in education for over 20 years as a teacher, head teacher, and currently as a coach and trainer. She set up her business, Coachlamp Ltd, fifteen years ago and specialises in coaching head teachers and senior leaders in education.

Among her clients are the States of Guernsey, Bath Spa University, North Somerset Education Authority and several schools and colleges in the south west. She is a lead trainer for the National College of School Leadership.

She is a fully qualified coach and a full member of the Association of Coaching. She has a B.Ed from London University and an M.Ed from Bristol University.

Judith has published two books on coaching and how to use it in an educational setting. Her book: The Essential Guide to Coaching and Mentoring is published by Pearson and is available through Amazon.